ArrogantBear Baby


Welcome to Arrogant Bear!

There is a Bear planet deep in the metaverse where Bears live in peace.

Among them are the Arrogant Bear family, father bear, mother bear and bear baby.

But the happy days are soon shattered when the evil Dr. Bear is obsessed with experimentation,

and brings devastating damage to the Bear planet,

even taking the innocent baby bear for experimentation and turning her into a mutant bear.

How will Arrogant Bear cope with the crisis?


we call all the buyers to come together to save the bears!

We need to find Dr. Bear's secret base on Bear Planet and break it down one by one to drive the evil Dr. Bear out!

Join us in action!

P1 Arrogant Bear NFT launches 10,000 between eastern time from December 25th,2021 from 10:00am to January 5th 2022 by 10:00am.

Pre-mint price will be 0.015ETH+Gas fees.

P2 12 January 2022, 15:00 UTC,public mint price 0.06ETH.

P3 When all the arrogant bear NFTs are sold out,we will donate 10% to WWF.

P4 On March 5 2022,we will AirDrop Arrogant Bear Wife to Arrogant Bear community.

P5 On May 5 2022,we will AirDrop Arrogant Bear Baby to users with Arrogant Bear.

P6 On July 5 2022,we will AirDrop the Mutant Bear to users with Arrogant Bear.


In early 2023,launched Arrogant Bear Game.

Public sale
May 11 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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Circulating supply
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