Banana Art Club


In 2019 The Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan made the most controversial art in the world! A banana duct-taped to a wall! It was sold for 120000$!

In 2022, inspired by Maurizio our art team digitalized it! On top of that we will build the Biggest and Coolest Metaverse Gallery. 20% of the fees collected from the gallery will be distributed to the BAC holders. Become a part of our mission and let`s Take over the Metaverse!

0% SOLD - THE START Winners of the website, tweeter and discord raffle will get whitelisted and the Minting starts.

20% SOLD - THE GIFT 10 BAC Holders will be airdropped Exclusive BAC NFT.

40%SOLD - THE AIRDROP 6 ETH will be airdropped to to 6 BAC holders.

60% SOLD - THE STORE Exclusive BAC Store will be open. Let`s All be part of the movement in the real world, too!

80% SOLD - THE BUYBACK With 9 ETH the floor price NFTS will be bought back, 9 of them will be airdropped to random BAC Holders, the other will be locked in community treasury.

100% SOLD - THE GALLERY The Banana Art Club is formed and the Gallery experience starts. Plots of land will be bought in all of the biggest metaverse projects. Get ready for passive income and mysterious future drops.

Apr 14 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
Public sale
Apr 15 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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