3D Unity characters rigged, locked and ready to party around the web3 community and our very own game.

The upcoming mint will feature

10,000 3D, fully rigged, customisable, and playable characters. 

B.F. Party (BFP) is a multi-player gaming project led by @nanobushido, who after being part of the

successful and innovative @nanoversehq project, wanted to pursue his vision of building a series of mini-games with an NFT twist.

As a project, the game experience is our number 1 priority. The game is at the forefront with NFTs second. 

Our focus is a fun game over anything else.

We believe the fundamental value of NFTs is derived from creating a gaming experience that leads the way

in anything seen in web3. Faced-paced fun, playable by anyone, and community-based are the pillars of

what we are creating. The gameplay will be a confluence of the likes of Super Smash Brothers (fast-paced), Fall Guys (multi-player aspects), and Club Penguin (community).

If you haven't tried the game demo, give it a go.

BFP characters will be your identity layer of the web3 gaming experience. We will integrate all NFTs into

the games developed under the BFP umbrella with possibilities to expand into Nanoverse.

Fully customisable, our cosmetic drops allow owners to create a truly unique identity, reflective of you, and

owned by YOU.

BFP will push the boundaries when it comes to seamleslessly integrating NFT technology into the game environment and economy. We're committed to creating a captivating and immersive experience for many gamers.

... and you're invited to the party!

Jul 15 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
Public sale
Jul 16 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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