Boku Club Genesis


Boku is a small supply project that hopes to bring an unique anime inspired collection to you. Our genesis collection will only have 555 supply and all of it generated by AI and finished by our artist. Boku genesis collection holders will be automatically whitelisted for future collection drops.

Our Vision and Mission?

To create a unique and memorable brand identity for BOKU, one way to achieve this is by developing a specific aesthetic or “look and feel” for the company. Another option is to create a 1/1 character that represents the brand. The ultimate goal of creating a strong brand identity is to build a strong connection with holders and the community.

One of the ways we plan to generate revenue and value for our holders is by creating novels, manga, and anime based on our BOKU characters. We believe that these products have the potential to be popular and successful, and by using the royalty income generated from their sales, we can provide a stream of revenue for our holders. We are excited about the potential of this initiative and believe it has the potential to be a key part of our long-term business strategy.

One idea that we are currently considering is making our trademark CC0 or IP (Intellectual Property) so that holders can have fun with it or create something from it. By making our trademark openly available for use, we hope to encourage creativity and innovation among our holders and provide them with an opportunity to engage with our brand in a meaningful way. We believe that this approach has the potential to be a win-win for everyone involved, as it not only allows our holders to express their creativity but also helps to increase the visibility and awareness of our brand.

Public sale
Jan 10 2023, 10:00 pm UTC
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