Caramelo Club


The first NFTs collection of Brazilian culture. We help abandoned animals and promote benefits for holders. After introducing the web3 scenario in Brazil, Caramelo Club is now bringing the Brazilian culture to the global web3 scenario and showing that the connection between culture, technology and social responsibility walk together on innovative projects. In our first phase, with the profits of our introducing collection we helped 6 NGOs and 2000 animals. Join the Howlers on this quest to make the world a better place.


  • Ownership: When you buy a Caramelo Club NFT you have all the rights to personal and commercial use. (Done)
  • Gallery: Exposition of the NFTs on virtual galleries. (In progress)
  • Metaverse: Just like the Brazilian Caramel Dog, the Caramelo Club NFT is going to be everywhere and the community will have their own place to have fun: The Howlers Alley. (In progress)
  • DAO: A decentralized autonomous organization for the community to build the future of the project. Exploring many governance structures and developing the best outcome. (Exploring)
  • Staking: Stake your Caramels and earn rewards. (Exploring)
  • $CARAMELO: A token build for the use in our upcoming shop. (Exploring)


  • Membership: Be part of a club that is constantly growing in terms of people and benefits! (Done)
  • Build the future: Access to exclusive channels so you can be part of the decisions and discussions of the project alongside with the Caramel Team. (Done)
  • Networking: Meet people all over the world to help make your dream come true. (Done)
  • Web3 updates: Stay tuned on what’s going on with new and other projects. (In progress)
  • AirDrops: Receive special gifts, items and WL. (Done)
  • Moon: Part of the profits are dedicated for the growth of the project, so the holders will decide by vote how we are going to invest on the project. (∞)


  • Merch Shop: Have a little something from Brazil with you everywhere you go. (Exploring)
  • CaramelCon: Meet the pack! Events for the Howlers to interact and have fun. (Exploring)


  • Brand: We will partner with brands with similar values ​​to create products and campaigns. (In progress)
  • Web3: Partnerships that allow further development of the project within Web3. (In progress)
  • NFT Projects: Strategic partnerships with exceptional projects. (In progress)


  • The howl for help: When you buy a Caramelo Club NFT, not only you are being part of the amazing and loving community of the Howlers, but also supporting institutions that rescue and take care of abandoned animals. Part of the profit of each NFT sale is dedicated to donations and researches to help those institutions provide a good life condition to the rescued animals. (∞)

The Club

  • The misterious box: Some of the Caramel Dogs reported a mysterious box found on the Howlers Alley… "Wait! Why is it moving?"
  • The pack is growing: “Where do doggies come from?”
  • The era of rust: “Where are we going?”
  • Reality check: “This was such a real dream…”
Jul 30 2022, 4:00 pm UTC
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Jul 31 2022, 4:00 pm UTC
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