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Cheap Spirits is an NFT learning community for newbies and experienced NFT traders. We are here to share our experiences, learn as much as we can, and make sure our fellow NFT enthusiasts can enter the space risk-free.

Cheap Spirits

A project born to combine multiple fields to build a long-term vision. The main focus of the project is to bring the community:

  • Awesome and unique art

  • A go-to site for learning about NFTs

  • Networking opportunities

  • Merch

Through the project, we want to create a great and educated community. Our belief is that good ideas should not go unnoticed. We want to display those ideas and use the knowledge to educate our community in the best way possible.

GUYs DROP The following percentages show the course of solving all things on the whitepaper:

0% We open our learning sections and the quiz before the GUYs mint.

20% The first 2292 GUYs are minted for free.

40% After the 2nd batch we send custom hoodies to holders.

60% After the 3rd Batch we will be hosting a special mint giveaway for all the holders of GUYs. The 4th batch will be the final GUYs batch, after we will host a mint giveaway for all the holders who have not won a Special.

80% We hold a community vote with all holders to determine what is most important for the future of the project.

100% We start developing our utility token which will be used on the platform and during our live events

May 1 2022, 6:00 pm UTC
Public sale
May 1 2022, 6:00 pm UTC
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