Chillin Ape Surf Club


2500 Chillin' Apes surfing the chain on high tides and good vibes.

Our mission is to bring the surfing philosophy to the nft space. We are creating a strong and lasting community around a few simple values: Sports, good habits, love for the beach, ocean, nature and, ofc, good vibes. 🤙


Phase 1: ETH Giveaways

5 ETH Raffles

Ξ We will raffle 2 ETH before main collection reveal among all holders.

Ξ We will raffle 1 ETH before modality collections reveals among all collection holders. (Including main collection holders).

Phase 2: Chillin' Apes Giveaways

20 NFTs Giveaways

We will airdrop 5 chillin' apes between random holders just after the reveal of every collection.

Phase 3: Donations

We will donate 10 ETH to Surfrider Foundation

(2.5 ETH after each collection sold out)

Our common objective is to protect and preserve hundreds of miles of coasts, reduce the impact of plastics in marine environments and ocean protection.

Phase 4: Charity Auctions

8 unique 1/1 Chillin' Apes will be created exclusively for some of our partners and sold in auctions. 100% of the profits will be donated to charities selected by them!

- Main Collection:

1 . Josh Ong: Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

2. Josh Horton: Alzheimer's Association

- Modality Collections:

3-8: TBA

Phase 5: Metaverse

Chillin' Apes jump to the Metaverse!

We will purchase an exclusive land for the community and will replicate our awesome lore island. We'll have parties for holders with DJ's, fun games, giveaways and a lot of surprises.

Phase 6: Merchandising

The Chillin' Ape Surf Club merch store will open its doors to all verified apes. A discount code will be sent to every holder at the opening day.

Phase 7: Marketplace

We will provide an exclusive platform for holders where they can buy and sell any stuff related with the project fundamentals to other club members in a secure and reliable place.

Phase 8: Main Events

Chillin' Ape Surf Club will periodically reinvest a part of the profits in exclusive parties and events for holders. Our intention is to create a strong and lasting community that everyone will be proud to belong to.

Phase 9: Local Events

The entire Chillin’ Ape Surf Club community will be split into divisions with members who live near each other. Each division will have the power to organize IRL meetings financially supported by the club treasury.

Surfing, diving, hiking, having a nice lunch or dinner with other club members or just chillin' at the beach with a couple of mojitos. How awesome could that be?


"So there is a curse. That's interesting..."


Easter eggs

Some surprises will be hidden inside some of the chillin' ape surf club NFTs traits. Stay tuned!


Snapshots will be taken at anytime without prior notice. Holders with 5 or more unlisted chillin apes will receive very special presents.

Apr 14 2022, 5:00 pm UTC
Public sale
Apr 15 2022, 5:00 pm UTC
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