Crypto-Tanks is a collection of 1001 hand drawn images collected on the Ethereum blockchain. All items have traits (tower, tracks, hull, cannon, coloring, etc.) which make each tank a unique artwork. 

The collection is created by two enthusiasts, tank lovers. And we hope you love tanks too!

Our mission is to bring a little magic into this world. Crypto-Tank is a symbol: tanks are not weapons of destruction, but instruments of Peace. It is not a charity project, but we want to bring some good things: 20% from 20% of sold tanks will be used to support the people of Ukraine. 

This is a sample list of things we want to do. It is going to be changed together with our community.

  1. Crypto-Tanks division starts from 1001 NFT and will be supplemented every month.
  2. The next and and subsequent batches of Crypto-Tanks. Batches will increase in price each time, but you will get giveaways and prizes.
  3. 20% sold out - 20% donation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  4. 50% sold out - the community will vote on donations such as funding projects, another portion of prizes, giveaways and raffles
  5. 100% sold out - creation of closed community for holders. With your help)
Apr 28 2022, 11:00 pm UTC
Public sale
Apr 29 2022, 5:00 pm UTC
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