Cutie Koalas


Cutie Koalas is an exclusive NFT Collection of 9999 cute koalas living on Polygon Blockchain. Since 14th century, they used to follow a leader called Makumba, a big and scary Kangaroo, who protected them from everything. But one day, a tsunami took all the koalas, except Makumba and Robby (The first cute koala ever) to another continent. After that, the cutie koalas tried everything to find their friend and their leader, but they never couldn´t. The legend says that 9998 cute koalas still walking around the Polygon Blockchain trying to find their friends.

Between the 9999 cute koalas, there are 5 special NFTs. Johnny, Daniel, Tommy, Bobby and Jimmy. The holders of these 5 unique NFTs will be able to claim $1000 when 20% collection and all the special NFTs are minted. How to identify them? When the cute koalas were searching their friends, they found 5 clues. Johnny, Daniel, Bobby, Tommy and Jimmy´s NFTs are very exclusive and strange. You can identify them by their background color (Gold).

Cutie Koalas provides you 9999 unique NFTs on Polygon Blockchain. Holding a Cute Koala will grant you access to Airdrops, Free NFTs of our future collections, giveaways and the Cutie Koalas Private Club. Also, 5 random holders will win $1000 as you know. Welcome to Cutie Koalas!

Mar 24 2022, 2:00 am UTC
Public sale
Mar 31 2022, 1:00 am UTC
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