Cyberpop Metaverse


A UGC Metaverse adventure built on the Ethereum, where you can explore the diverse cyberspaces from different areas, searching for mysterious digital artifacts and creatures.

By teleporting into different cyberspaces, players will become different NFT characters belonging to this space. You can explore the secrets of the place to create your own personality and accumulate assets. You can also compete with players within the place or team up with them.

Through advanced collapse algorithms, Cyberpop supports the generation of UGC NFT. The security of chain protocols effectively ensures multi-player battles and the development of cybercities. Our cybercities are functional for asset production right now and new assets are being added.

Stage Ⅰ

Establish Cyberpop project

Basic gameplay and artistic design

Game scene development

UGC project started

Website launched

Put demo online

Build characters

White Paper released

Demo is online

Open NFT store

Release alpha version and NFT

Stage Ⅱ


Further development of UGC and create DAOs, a platform for users

Online DAOs pledge and voting system

The SocialFi mechanism

Metaverse union system

NFT derivatives available in the Metaverse


E-commerce and virtual idol

Support for multiple chain access

User-defined token and wallet

Support for HashRate token

Stage Ⅲ


Publish new world datagram

Improvement of user-defined system

Try AR /VR device

Ability to address financial problems

Launch of all-platform Cyberpop New World


Open of 3A level UGC tool-chain platform

DAO: self-management of trading and communities

Combination of VR/AR with e-commerce and social intercourse


Full presentation of VR version (stage 1)

Further integration of AR /VR with the real world

Open of the NFT financial derivative platform

Cyberpop Artists Association

Public sale
Jun 11 2022, 10:00 am UTC
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