The angels and devils couldn't afford the rising housing prices in heaven and hell with their wages despite the crazy workloads.

One fine dawn, the heavenly energy of ‘dope’ secretly hoarded by the king, spread out wide to every pixel of the empire.

This decentralized energy materialized into $DOPES, 

the pinnacle of all cryptocurrencies in the Pixel Empire. 

Angels, devils, humans, and zombies altogether take a deep dive into this brutal and quick battle to win over this limited $DOPES.

$DOPES is the coin that facilitates users’ interactions within the P2E game system and ultimately aims to provide utility to the DOPE holders. $DOPES exists in Ethereum as an ERC20 token, and can be acquired and claimed in the Pixel Empire. In short, $DOPES is the only currency in the DOPE world.

Upon entering a castle, Kings and Citizens must vote for either Angel or Devil, in proportion to their Dopeness. The votes will be reflected in (i) the amount of $DOPES that Angels and Devils can earn in the castle (Angels and Devils are imaginary creatures and can gain power only when enough people believe in them), and (ii) the formula for payment of $DOPES in the Pixel Empire.

Based on the results of the Vote, Kings, Citizens, Angels and Devils can claim $DOPES when leaving the castle if any of these requirements are met:

- If you are an Angel or a Devil, and you are winning in votes, you can claim an additional 10% more $DOPES.

- If you are an Angel or a Devil, and you have more than double the votes, you can claim an additional 30% more $DOPES. (When winning by more than double the votes, a statue will be built for the winning side.)

- If you are a Citizen, and the Angels are out voting Empire-wide, your $DOPES earning rate increases by 2% but the cost of ‘upgrade’ also increases by 20%.

- If you are a Citizen, and the Devils are out voting Empire-wide, your $DOPES earning rate decreases by 2% but the cost of ‘upgrade’ also decreases by 20%.

However, when either side is winning by landslide, it will become dictatory and will not keep its promise to the Citizens. 

- If either Angels or Devils have more than double the votes of the other side Empire-wide, Citizens will only suffer from negative effects (a.k.a., decrease of $DOPES earning rate or increase of ‘upgrade’ cost) and will not enjoy the positive effects. 

Numbers above are subject to change before launch through testing.

Stay tuned as we will tell you more about upgrading your NFT for higher Dopeness AND the formula for earning $DOPES and the tax payment.

Jun 16 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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Jun 17 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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