Eternal Vikings


With legendary Viking spirit, we set sail across the metaverse to dominate digital lands.

Eternal Vikings are redefining art in the Web3 realm with our unique, gaming-ready visual style.

Around 5,000 fearsome and loyal half-man half-lion Eternal Vikings shall make up our Genesis collection – among their ranks, some especially impressive specimens shall march.

The versatility of our signature art style will bring powerful visual energy to all future creations, collaborations and developments as we advance across the metaverse and influence its future.

The engaging artwork of Eternal Vikings features a unique blend of 2D and 3D styles combining fully modeled characters with a bespoke coloring and texturing strategy.

Eternal Vikings is a celebration of our appreciation of all forms of fantasy art. The 2.5D art style we have created captures the best of all worlds and transforms them into something new and unified.

The path ahead shall be an epic adventure for the Eternal Vikings as we continue to establish our community-owned, W3b real estate venture. Data-driven, hive-researched and fueled by exploration, innovation and collaboration… The scale of our vision is like nothing seen before.

The treasury of our tribe shall grow in abundance as we acquire the most promising plots then establish bountiful models and progressive projects upon them.

With our ever-growing collective of partnered brands and community visionaries, we welcome every tribe member to discover, develop and profit from the finest expanses that the metaverse has to offer.

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Sep 18 2022, 5:00 pm UTC
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