Golden Marmoset Funky Club


Golden Marmoset Funky Club is a collection of 10,000 NFTs randomly generated and unique. Our project is about preserving the Golden Lion Tamarin/Golden Maned Marmoset,

a cute little monkey that lives in Brazil´s Atlantic Forest and it is in extinction danger.

Today only 2% of it´s habitat have left, and less than 5,000 Lion Tamarins are living freely. Actually we have more NFTs in this collection than Lion Tamarins in the world

and we have to change it.

We also have a metaverse under development using The Sandbox, we plan to have a land fully interactive where everyone will be welcome.

This land will also be the birthplace for our Funky Club, the ambience where holders and any person that want to socialize can join, have fun and play around.

Until this is finished we have our Discord server where you can join right now and talk to us, to others that are interested in the same thing that we all are.

Come and join our Funky Club.

Every Night is one to remember. We Are Golden!


We have quite a lot plans that will be executed as soon as we achieved our goals.

One of our biggest and most important plan is to create a totally functional, immersive and playable world on Sandbox, where the holders will be able to interact, join activites together, participate on contests exclusive for Sandbox members and holders.

Create a variety of minigames where the holders will receive rewards when finishing.

Develop a habbo hotel/club penguin style game, where many things you can stuff in your room/home will be NFT listable on opensea and rewarded through contests and games.

Create a Digital NFT Sticker Album that will turn into a physical Sticker Album. The stickers will be unlocked through minigames, milestones, airdrop campaigns and levels of hold.

Create a Stuffed Animal with our own style and signature. The buyer will receive a surprise NFT gift.

Create a Physical Surprise Box that inside will have 5 types of random parts (Body, Hair, Legs, Arms and Head) for you to assemble.

 Develop a Mobile Game and App.

Create a Merch Store to sell shirts, hoodies, cups and everything that you want but don´t need.

Launch a Cryptocurrency where all itens inside the metaverse and the Merch Store will use.

Create a holders only apartment inside the metaverse, with many sizes and prices, where you can decorate, orgnaize and buy on your own way. Every item inside the apartment will be tradable, and many unique itens will exist.

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Apr 30 2022, 3:00 pm UTC
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