GrosPifs is a collection of 10,000 NFTs unique digital collectibles living on the Solana blockchain.

Grab one GrosPifs and keep it quietly warm in your wallet, it will open to you the doors of the GrosPifs Club a super flair-play spot…

Buy unique french NFTs

Each GrosPif NFT is original and unique inspired by comic books from our childhood. Each character is generated by an algorithm from 250 traits. More than eight hundred million combinations are possible! 

The algorithm will create 10,000 GrosPifs and not one more!

GrosPifs Club 

As soon as the club will open, GrosPifs owner can participate in a free and daily lottery with crypto $SOL to be won! 

A totally flair-play game.

Other services will be developed later, a museum and an NFT gallery, a car racing game, a treasure hunt, a parliament, a bar. Our ideas are limitless and the possibilities are endless.


An economic system once again Flair-play, no whitelist same price for everyone.

The sale of GrosPifs will allow us to create the foundations of our Club.

Revenue Breakdown:

20% to feed the team

40% to create new games and services

10% for marketing

30% for club game rewards

Secondary market royalties: 7.5%

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Grospifs team


Act 0 (Q1-2022)

Creation of GrosPifs NFTs

Website / Twitter / Discord / Instagram

Start of communication

Act 1 (Q2-2022)

Production of a video trailer

Start of FB/Twitter/SEO/Ads marketing campaign

GrosPifs Mint on the website

Listing on marketplaces

Act 2 (Q4-2022)

Creation of the lottery

Expand the team to offer

always more games and services

Act 3 (2023)

Establishment of the NFTs museum and gallery

Airdrop of 3Ds GrosPifs for holders

Car racing game

Setting up the basics of the GrosPifs metaverse


PifCoin ICO, 

Airdrop of Pifcoins for GrosPifs holders 

Massive investment in the GrosPifs metaverse

Opening of a parliament run by a DAO

Public sale
May 2 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
Contract address
Circulating supply
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