Iron Paw Gang


Iron Paw Gang is a P2E Metaverse NFT Project consisting out of 10 000 3D characters fighting and living on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

A mech is only as good as it's driver. Placing one inside of your mech will unlock it's full potential.

When it comes to rarity, some of the most coveted pieces you'll want to mint are what we're calling PUREBREDS.

These are builds that contain ALL of the components from a specific theme (Sports, Construction, Snow, etc.) 

While individual parts from each theme can also appear separately in random builds, there will only be one Purebred available for a given set of components.

All Purebred themes will also have a driver counterpart, although they may not necessarily be minted together.

Every mech & driver includes 12+ meticulously crafted parts. Making a series of separate animations that work together modularly is a complex task and we value our art. We think you should know how much time and energy we put into every single detail and component.

1. Drop NFT Iron Paw Gang collection. Collabs with leading Metaverse community members. We prioritize community above all else because we know that it is the key to a strong, thriving collection. Without community, there would be no Dystians. That's why we are so committed to building relationships within our community and always putting our community first.

2. The five battle cities that stand amidst the ruined Iron world are home to a fierce competition. The factions fight for control using any means necessary. Which faction will your character take to in the fight for power.

3. As a Web3 Entertainment start-up it is important to investigate various formats in which we can deliver our story. We continue to investigate an animated series to deliver even more immersive entertainment to reward our holders.

4. Royalties to holders after sale. Our proprietary platform will allow holders to claim royalties based on specific, game-based criteria. The game based criteria may include but not limited to: the role your character plays in a specific segment, placement in the artistic content, and more to be announced.

5. Alpha version of game demo. Iron Paw Gang IP launched. Merch ready for mailing to Iron Paw Gang NFT holders. V2 emblem NFT launched. IDO of $IPG token.

6. Gaming. Play To Earn. We are confident that the IPG story is strong enough to build a game around. Having a game is an ambitious goal of ours and you can be sure that if we do create a game, not only will it be a masterpiece, but we will consider a play to earn mechanic.

7. Burning of characters NFT/V2 for upgrading of characters class. Iron Paw Gang land sales. In game items available for purchase and selling in IPG marketplace

Public sale
Sep 10 2022, 5:00 pm UTC
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