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Kawaii Factory - this is a real cute collection generator. But these are not all our advantages! We have developed this project to bring as many benefits to our community as possible. We will not tell you ''buy our NFTs for the sake of art'', this is not our way. We have our own strategy for the development of the project together with our community. We will learn and develop together to create a famous and large project.

STAGE 1 ( 19.09 - 26.09 )

- Launch Twitter and Discord

- Building Community

- Partnerships with big projects

- Community giveaways

STAGE 2 ( 26.09-30.09 )

- Mint Day

- Holder Verification

- Private chat for kawaii holders

- Community airdrops

STAGE 3 ( 01.10-05.10 )

- Official website development

- Release Adult Kawaii collection

- Creation $KAWAII token

- Kawaii DAO formation

STAGE 4 ( 15.10 )

- Mint Adult Kawaii

- Staking launch

- First night of poker

STAGE 5 ( 01.11 )

- Upgrade Your Kawaii

- Exclusive online Merch Store

- Development RoadMap Option 2 together with DAO

Public sale
Sep 26 2022, 12:00 pm UTC
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