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Lovely Boys is a community-based collection of only 2,222 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Lovely Boy has a unique set of traits and grants a spot in our lovely community along with all the perks found on the roadmap such as the different giveaways, airdrops and unique accesses.

Lovely Boys is the first NFT project to apply the "Come first, be served first" principle to honor the loyalty of our first comers. This principle will be applied by uploading the whole collection on open sea and making it available for purchase on the mint day. Using this technique will award our loyal members the ability of directly buying their favorite Lovely Boy for a fixed minting price.

Roadmap 1.0

10% Traits rarity reveal. The rarity percentage of each trait will be revealed, so holders will know how rare their Lovely Boy is.

20% Holders of 3 pre-chosen Lovely Boys will be airdropped with 10x the floor price worth of eth.

30% Launch of a high-budget marketing plan (Marketing plan 2.0)

40% Launch of giveaways program. Frequent giveaways for holders where they automatically join without doing anything but holding. What’s better than getting a message about winning a giveaway that you didn’t even know exists?

50% Reveal of a new NFT project and distributing a free NFT for each Lovely Boy you hold.

60% Free Dropshipping/E-Commerce courses in preparation for the next step of the roadmap.

70% Launch of the Lovely Boys merch brand. For every merch purchase, the holder of the Lovely Boy on the merch gets 50% of the profits.

80% Help holders set up dropshipping shops to sell merch of their Lovely Boy.

90% Hosting different exclusive events and parties where holders have fun and promo their businesses to other holders.

100% Reveal of Roadmap 2.0

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