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Once upon a time in a land far far away, there was a special kind of Ape that originated somewhere in Eastern Europe. It has conquered our world and is now on a new journey to take over the metaverse.

Maimun, a digital and exotic tribe with 10,000 unique and beautiful collectibles. Maimun Ape Social Club members empower other Maimuns and get rewarded.

Maimun Ape holders receive access to exclusive drops, experiences and content. Check out the roadmap below for more details.

  • Maimun Ape mint on Ethereum
  • Minting will start on the 15th of April 2022. There are 1500 early access reserved spots. Being in the early access list means having a special discounted mint price.
  • Reveal metadata and rarity
  • Maimuns are randomly generated, but some of them have rare traits. A few selected others are especially unique 1-on-1. After the mint, metadata will be revealed. You will be able to see what traits you got and the rarity of your Maimun.
  • Social media assets
  • A social media avatar will be generated for all Maimun holders. You will get access to high-quality assets for your Maimun, and you can request the SVG - scalable vector graphics.
  • Public Profile - Your Website
  • Each Maimun will have its unique public profile, showing the traits and specialties. As a Maimun owner, you will be able to claim the profile and make it your own, add your username to your Maimun, add socials, and use it as a collection of public links of your choice. This profile could be a single point of reference where all your content is linked. Share all your links in one place.
  • Club Shop
  • One of the perks will be getting access to limited Maimun merchandise. Club members will always have discounted prices.
  • Private Club - Community Website
  • Our goal is to build a platform based on Web 3.0 where Maimuns support other Maimuns, by providing video courses, articles, podcasts, discussions, or other exclusives for members only. Instead of likes, members reward each other with ETH. Imagine a crypto guru giving the community tips on when to buy and when to sell. Or other incredible Maimuns sharing their expertise with the rest of us. One for all, all for one.
  • Roadmap for Season 2
  • Because this is just the beginning... Being a Maimun owner will not only grant you everything we mentioned on the roadmap. But will ensure that you have access to all future drops and club-only exclusives.
Apr 14 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
Public sale
Apr 29 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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