MEKA Rayearth


M.E.K.A. Rayearth

in the year 2222, war between territories became meaningless and other resources became useless. humans have consumed the planet to its limit and paid the consequences. feuds between mankind resulted to famine, destruction and death.

as a last resort, humanity conquered space and adjudicated to continue life in the heavens called Rayearth

Peace and unity became Rayearth's foundation and gave life another chance.

but it seems, mankind did not learned their lesson and in the brink of tilting life's scale once again.

as a solution, Rayearth was ruled by 4 great generals and divided the space enclaves.

each general hired M.E.K.A. to defend, fight and yearn for resources.

Rayearth : Mekatta (Half Human - Half M.E.K.A.)

In his heart, despite the advancement of the human race, we should not forget that we are still rational human beings and we can move forward without war. Humanity keeps his people sane and anyone who threats this peace is the enemy of Rayearth.


Rayearth : Niko (Pink M.E.K.A.)

Her rule is the protection of all rayearth alike. She stops any form of violence whatever it takes. Her logical skills can deliberately be the survival of Rayearth. Although possible, no living Rayearth outside her rule is willing to listen.

"Si estamos juntas podemos"

Rayearth : Noah (Blue M.E.K.A.)

Noah believes in this time of crisis, we should save what's left of rayearth. He strictly ordains "save who wants to be saved". lay waste to everyone who does not see the salvation of Rayearth. All self desire, greed, wrath, and negative emotions should be leveled in Noah.

"We are Rayearth"

Rayearth : Nezha (Red M.E.K.A.)

He rules Rayearth with an iron hand and believes everything can be solved through violence. His sheer strength is the will of his subordinates and keeps the unity of the enclave.

"в эту эпоху не должно быть слабости"

Choose your enclave and fight for what you think is right.

Choose your M.E.K.A. and be part of life in Rayearth.



Chapter 1

1.1 M.E.K.A. : Rayearth Introduction

  • PFP Give Away - PFP will be given away to lucky participants that will win the raffle.

  • Whitelisting - OG; can mint up to 3 M.E.K.A. - WL; can mint up to 2 M.E.K.A.

1.2 M.E.K.A. NFT Sale / Minting phase

1.3 Milestone Event

  • In every PFP Minted there will be a corresponding winner/s of 100 Matic.



1 Winners


2 Winners


3 Winners


3 Winners


3 Winners


4 Winners


4 Winners


5 Winners


5 Winners


1.4 M.E.K.A Reveal

  • Rarity of M.E.K.A.

  • Appearance of M.E.K.A.

Chapter 2

2.1 M.E.K.A Gamified Platform

  • Battle for Rayearth where players can sync their M.E.K.A. to fight and earn $Core.

2.2 RailGun Release

  • RailGun is the main weapon that adds M.E.K.A. power level.

2.3 Force Field Release

  • Force Field aids the M.E.K.A. defensive stats that will help you to win a battle.

Chapter 3

3.1 Legendary M.E.K.A. Auction

  • Among 8,888 M.E.K.A. there is only ONE (1) Legendary (6 Star)

  • Bidding price will start with 80 Matic.

3.2 M.E.K.A Upgrades

  • Upgrade M.E.K.A.'s rarity by scrapping other M.E.K.A.'s and combining them.

3.3 RailGun Upgrade

  • Combining 2 RailGuns will give an upper hand in battle.

3.4 Force Field Upgrade

  • Combining 2 Force Field will give an upper hand in battle.

Chapter 4

4.1 Enclave (Land where M.E.K.A's battles)

  • Enclave is the battle station of the Four Generals.

4.2 Resources is equal to Money

  • Join the battle and earn $Core .

  • Rewards will depend on your M.E.K.A.'s rarity.

4.3 Staking.

  • Stake LP Tokens to earn ($Core/USDT)
Apr 25 2022, 2:00 pm UTC
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May 2 2022, 2:00 pm UTC
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