7,777 angels will descend into Adamah (earth) to ascertain rightful candidates for the coming Meta-Rebirth- the creation of a new world. The coming world shall be referred to as Metadamah, a new Eden brought to realization by the efforts of the community. The workers shall be rewarded. The evildoers will be resented. Every being holds a stake in this new paradigm.

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Phase 1

  • Public minting (3 MATIC for the first 77 mints. 30 MATIC thereafter)
  • Creation of Gallery (View angels, rename angels)
  • Badge system, Quest system, Reward system
  • Candidate interface (Mobile app)

Phase 2

  • Whitepaper release
  • Allocation of treasury funds
  • Creation of Metadamah's coin
  • Divine Games starts- Community building activities with points / nfts / tokens as rewards. Points determine angel rankings at the end of the games.
  • Continuous onboarding of talents (musicians, artists, voice actors, developers) from the community.

Phase 3

  • End of Divine games. Angel stats revealed. Creation of Metadamah's governing body. Hierarchy depends on rankings.
  • 2nd NFT offering.
  • Update of Gallery with 3D counterparts. This will be the final appearance of the angels in game.

Phase 4

  • Alpha release of Metadamah. A 3D open world RPG built by the community.
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Mar 6 2022, 4:00 pm UTC
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