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The Mongrels are certainly a diverse bunch. A product of the many cultures and influences that made it to their island.

Mongrel Breeding Program is a collection of 7,860 NFT’s secured on the Ethereum network. Each image is randomly generated from a whopping 450 unique traits. The resulting characters are nostalgic, quirky and deadset funny.

Not just a magnificent PFP. Becoming a Mongrel gives you lifelong access to our community and a seat at the table as we build out the Mongrels empire together.

An epic adventure awaits so get on board and join us in The Vibe Hub.

Bring your gloves, the Mongrelverse is for dreaming big and building wild stuff.

We will get things started by dishing up a selection of engaging community projects with the initial goal of elevating the brand and just having a mad time.

Our team will plant the seeds and deliver a scalable base for each program but how big these grow is in the hands of the community. With enough of us watering, who knows what could flourish.

We all love a session with mates. Good vibes, good music, good liquids. That's why our first project is the Mongrel Brewing Program. We're going to explore the power of community ownership, we just need some thirsty Mongrels to get it going.

We're stoked you're here. Welcome to our island where we put vibes first, vows later.

A place to create, collaborate or just kick back and enjoy the party.

It's fertile land and we're planting seeds.

Mongrels is a Web3 native brand that's community built and community owned.

Here we share the vibe, and the bag.


Many moons ago, a mad king and his fellow bourgeoisie banished all the vagabonds, miscreants and scoundrels from his kingdom. Sending them to an island so dangerous and uninhabitable they would surely perish.

Or so he thought…

On this strange land, the misfits realized they had two choices - to breed or die. With this they flourished, breeding their way out of extinction.

In turn, the island turned into a glorious paradise. Brimming with rich culture, chilled drinks and endless vibes. Keen to climb aboard?

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Jul 19 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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