Mystics Pier


The Pier will be home to three main projects, each with their own dedicated purpose to innovate within Web3.


The home of Web3 creation


A collection of 5000 animated NFT's released on the ETH blockchain. The foundation and first ever membership to The Pier ecosystem.

Complimentary Whitelist

Mystics holders receive automatic whitelist to all future projects within The Pier.


All Mystics holders receive weekly creative design tasks related to current projects in development. If a community members concept is added into the collection, they are added into a split pool to receive 3-5% of that project's total mint revenue. (More info soon)

Our mission is to build the hub of Web3 culture through a set of elite art, fashion & gaming projects, each with their own dedicated purpose to innovate within the space. 

By branching out a range of concepts into their own individual projects, it gives us the ability to build elite brands around each purpose, rather than packing a set of contrasting utilities into one project for the sake of buzzwords.

Creator Foundation Program

We will be providing funding, advisory and connections for free to selected builders and creators within the Mystics community, aiding magicians to create Web3 magic of their own!

Our first days in Web3 began with a spark. An endless flow of trends always gave us new waves to ride, and as a result, sleep to catch up on, and new things to learn.

With the waves growing further apart, the waters become calm. The foundation for the space has been laid. Now it's time to build something real.

At The Pier, we are executing a range of elite art & gaming project concepts, all built on the foundation of Web3 innovation.

Each holder within the ecosystem receives access to future drops, along with access to exclusive community channels within the Discord - to connect and vibe with those also passionate about Web3 culture!

Jul 17 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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Jul 18 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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