Night Owl Syndicate


A new brand on the block.

Night Owls vision is to be the first exclusive, nightlife focused brand, bridging web2 & web3, coming soon to Solana.

With a long term vision, we are seeking to disrupt the space by gathering a crowd that shares the same lifestyle and rewarding the fuck out of them. Holders will have exclusive access to our events, commercial rights, #NOS brand network, enjoy outrageous member giveaways and partake in the NightOwlDAO to steer the future direction of the organization. A glimpse of the future; first NOS event in Barcelona, NOS Clothing Brand & NOS Record Label.

The founder is Mick, an entrepreneur who owned a social media marketing company, he fell in love with the space in 2021 and decided to give it a shot. We started off with a small team in December 2021 and added more people along the way after doing some heavy screening in the industry. Each member is an expert in their respective field with years of experience. With 5 core founders and an ever growing team to support with community growth, we are able to cover all necessary areas to realize the vision that we all share within #NOS. You can find info on the founding team on our website. All 5 members will be fully doxed before mint.

We are building our collection around IRL businesse; Event management company (festivals, concerts, private parties etc.), Music Label, Clothing Brand and more, but those three will be the core of our venture.

Our vision is to bridge the web2 and web3 space by introducing the technology into the way our company will operate and onboard as many people into the NFT space, using our brand and the business under it. 

Jul 5 2022, 1:00 pm UTC
Public sale
Jul 5 2022, 3:00 pm UTC
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