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Hey from Ukraine!

PATRIOT is a team of more than 40 volunteers that create art in bomb shelters, covering the events of the Russian-Ukrainian war in the form of NFT. Our works are not only about design but also about the history of this war, written by Ukrainians who now live in it. Through our work, we seek to help local organizations to save lives (Down Syndrome Organization, shelters for people with disabilities, those whose homes have been destroyed, children, animals, etc.). Your involvement will help save a person from starvation, disease, and even death - one like, repost or purchase of our work will tell others about the reality of what is happening, on our end we transfer funds to the organization that needs it most. Our goal is to support the most vulnerable local institutions, people, and animals that are on the brink of survival.

Our team asks you to not ignore and help the person who is currently in Ukraine - and we in turn will show all the reports and results of our work. Please, don't ignore - be a part of the future world without war and help save hundreds of people!

Join or discord for more information, bonuses, games, videos from war, and more!

  1. Each day of the war at least 1 new NFT is released.
  2. As soon as the war ends - we stop adding NFTs to this collection. (Eventually, the number of NFTs in this collection = each day of war multiplied by 3).
  3. Each NFT is inspired by a specific event that happened during the war.
  4. Each NFT is going to contain a description of what actually happened during that particular day when it was created.
  5. Each NFT has Unlockable Content in a form of dates, the more expensive is NFT, the more dates are included in the secret section. If dates on the NFT correspond with the day when the Russian-Ukrainian war ends or when Putin dies - you are going to receive 10% of the whole earnings of the collection. 10% from Putin's death and 10% when the war ends - so that is possible for one person to receive 20% out of all the collection earnings.
  6. Out of each 200$ that is collected - 180$ is immediately sent to the humanitarian organizations (community decides) with all the financial reports shared on social media to ensure clarity in our operations.
  7. Holders that have 3 or more NFTs from this collection are going to be included in the whitelist on our future project. Details are to be added.
  8. We want YOU to have a chance to chat with people who are located in Ukraine during this war. It might be a soldier, a student, a teacher, or a construction worker - our discord is a place where we keep the world up to date.
  9. Please note that we are not earning anything from this collection - any marketing initiative that is in place is done to increase our community size.
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