Pixel Cets on Creck


It’s just 555 crecked cets, who’re up to a whole of rat shit that are livin’, and chillin’ and vibin’ together, but pixelated. Really, looks like that everyone likes Cets on Creck, so do i ! With basically free mint (price of 0.05 SOL) you can get yourself a Cets on Creck but pixelated! How cool is that? We've seen lately a lot of free mints that did good, so what is stopping us to do good as them?

Step 1: Creating a community. In this NFT space, community is probably one of the strongest thing. Without good community, its really hard to achieve anything.

Step 2: Minting. 555 Pixelated Cets on Creck makes their entry onto the Solana Blockchain.

Step 3: Listing. After selling out we will be listed on Magic Eden as a secondary marketplace, we will try to get listed on Solanart too, but Magic Eden is everyone's favorite.

Step 4: Create DAO. Creation of DAO where we vote what to mint/buy. Daily suggestions followed by weekly votes.

Step 5: Distribution. We will try hard to get our holders a daily WL opportunities. Profit from Mints/Flips will be distributed among delisted holders.

Step 6: Creating raffles every 2 weeks for NFTs. Our first raffle will be Cets on Creck of course.

Roadmap 2.0


Public sale
Apr 23 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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