Posthuman Planet Reactor


Scientist Jesse Ford invented the SDA-3000 system to study signals from space. After several years of unsuccessful attempts, the SDA-3000 picked up mysterious radio pulses that carried encrypted data. After processing the information, Jesse discovered that the signals were coming from the future, and he was contacted by the data transmission system of the planet's reactor, which the posthumans had created. The posthumans dismantled a distant star system and created a new planet "Mary D" from its materials. Unfortunately, this planet has already ceased to exist. Every hour the reactor sends information about the last changes in it during the day and which systems received energy. It also sends the title of the main article of the day in the newspaper "Pheidippides", which was the most popular on the entire planet. Jesse decided to embed the information of each day in the NFT, and hide the title of the newspaper in unlockable content.

So what happened to Mary D?

  1. Start 11 May 2022
  2. Every day will release 24 unique NFT tokens
  3. Total number of tokens - 10k
Public sale
May 11 2022, 7:00 pm UTC
Contract address
Circulating supply
Royalty fee (%)

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