PuppyPegArmy is the First Italian project, developed by PegLabs, with an integrate 3D play-to-earn game and staking of NFTs. It aims to collaborate with artists, influencers and brands to help bring their art to you both in the form of NFTs and real life merchandise such as collectibles and wearables, acting as a platform for them in the NFT world! 🚀


5%: Website Launch.

You can find there all the infos about the project: Team Doxxed, Roadmap, links and events.

10%: Discord Server Launch.

The community start from here!

15%: End of the creation of 3000 Puppies.

Are you ready to get one?

20%: The show start!

We will have various real-life events, merchandise and partnerships! Can't wait to show you what we are working on. No spoiler!

25%: Art exhibitions: Vip Access for the owners.

We will organize art exhibitions in all around the world! We want to meet in person all the Puppy owners!

30%: Creation of charity events.

We think that Puppies can help a lot who can't correctly live day by day. We are working a lot on this.

35%: This could be CRAZY! Level up!

3D PuppyPeg NFTs are getting ready! There will be several airdrops to the actual PuppyPeg owners.

40%: Puppies are REAL?!

3D PuppyPeg will become physical toys!

45%: Creation of physical stores.

We will open some stores in all around the world. Come to visit us! We will spread the word about NFTs.

50%: Want to play with us?

We are developing a "little" game. Guess what: You can use 3D Puppies to play!

55-60%: The things will become more interesting!

We will develop our token and connect it with the online game. It will became a Play to Earn! (several airdrops will arrive)

65%: Staking and passive income. We will develop our staking system, all of us should enjoy life to the fullest!

70%: TOP secret project! No spoilers

Apr 30 2022, 6:00 pm UTC
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