Re Myth


A brand that reinterprets the JAPAN myths into the Web 3.0 culture.

Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi who parted ways in pursuit of their own ideals, the sun and moon, are about to face each other. Their battle begins to solely claim the “Eclipse”, which has the power to make anything possible. The world settles in dusk and becomes their battlefield. We will continue to Re:Myth the story of other ancient gods.

Those who gather around Amaterasu, the God of the sun, pursue justice and peace. The main colors that represent the Solarne clan are red and gold.


🎁 Branding Re:Myth

Re:Myth is a Web 3.0 community brand that is derived from Japanese mythology.

Various Japanese cultures and myths are widely known, thus our contents can be enjoyed by anyone from all around the world.

As we start our story with the battle of the sun and moon, we will continue to introduce other characters’ stories.

👘 Apparel - Hoodies and T-shirts

We are making Re:Myth apparels that can be worn by everyone in this community.

Our first design to be ordered will be our Re:Myth character.

For you to really enjoy and make use of it, the quality of apparel must be good.

We will provide the best quality and design to you.

📱 Accessories - Phone cases, stuffed toys, and key chains

The design of Re:Myth is now a part of your lifestyle.

You will be able to feel close with Re:Myth not only through clothes but through phone cases, stuffed toys, key rings and etc!

We will be selecting items that is closer to a necessity or that can be of great use in daily activities.

🎙 Launching Re:Myth Studio

Not only are we planning to challenge Re:Myth apparel and accessories but is also preparing for manga, photography, and other artistic elements.

There is only one main artist at the moment, but many other artists have agreed to join our studio.

More portrait and illustrator artists will be with us soon.

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