RottenVille Bust Sculpture


Rotten Ville Bust Sculptures the 3D Object & FREE MINT Collection with staking and token utility rewards.

Rotten Ville Bust Sculptures the FREE MINT Collection with staking and token utility rewards. Let's talk about the FREE MINT, Utilities, MINT dates, and benefits for the Holders

Why make a FREE MINT Collection? Give a chance to the newcomers in the @Solana and NFT ecosystem with a FREE MINT Collection with great utilities, low risk + high rewards. A Collection focused on the Community, We want to reward all the non-rotten-holders with a valuable NFT.

What about the art concept? A Bust is a specialty of the sculpture and is pretty important for the art culture, a symbol of importance and relevance, and that is why it was made paying homage to the Rottens. We want to achieve a balance between art and utility for our NFTs.

What about the god damn Utilities and Benefits of this Collection? The main utility is the Staking, where you will put your NFTs to work and earn a utility token, that will be exchangeable with some benefits. The token is not an investment and has no economic value. (Rotten Auctions, Beta Mint, Ticket Raffles, IRL Bust Sculpture, Beta Whitelist, Mint Pass, Other collections autionns)

More info:

May 20 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
Public sale
May 20 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
Contract address
Circulating supply
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