Sleeping Kangaroo Island


Sleeping Kangaroos are a collection of 1000 NFT’s, revolutionising the mobile app and blockchain technologies.

Sleeping Kangaroo doubles as a valuable asset, and your pass to our Web 3 powered mobile app and interactive experiences. The app flaunts a range of emerging technologies including AR (augmented reality) and machine learning which enable our NFT breeding, P2E and trading platform.

Mobile App 

V1 of the mobile app is in testing and will launch on iOS shortly after minting goes live, with machine learning technology and trait detection. Future versions app will include the breeding, community trading utilities, and our P2E platform. The app merges blockchain technology with emerging technologies including AI and AR.

Physical Prints 

High quality physical prints of the Sleeping Kangaroos will be sent to randomly selected holders, globally.


Sleeping Kangaroos Merchandise will be made available to the public. The team will continue to add merch items which also includes carefully selected clothing traits from the Sleeping Kangaroos Collection.


Holders of two or more Sleeping Kangaroos will have the opportunity to select and breed pairs their Roos. Breeding will add an additional NFT (your Joey) to your wallet, without burning the two selected Kangaroos.


The Sleeping Kangaroos founders will be randomly selecting holders over time and airdropping NFTs to their wallets. These will be selected from the original ‘Sleeping Kangaroos’ collection, collectables, community collections and other NFTs held by the founders.

Gamified Experience  

The Sleeping Kangaroos will be developing a P2E experience that will allow holders to use their NFT to earn digital and physical perks. Digital interactions can include up-skilling, competitions and community trading. These interactions aim to, but do not guarantee the increase of each Sleeping Kangaroo's value based on their statistics.

Nov 10 2022, 1:30 pm UTC
Public sale
Nov 10 2022, 2:00 pm UTC
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