Slow Turtles


The Slow Turtles NFT is a collection of 999 unique Turtles who unite together on the Ethereum Blockchain πŸ”₯

Get access to exclusive giveaways, play around with your turtle in The Sandbox Game, determine the future of the project via Community Voting System (DAO)! 10% of the mint revenue will go to turtle rescue!

Each Turtle is a unique 3D model crafted by a top-tier designer. There areΒ 33 genesis turtlesin the collection and holding one of them will give you advantages later on in the project! πŸ†

Turtle Rescue Donation

We want to break the borders of digital world. 10% of mint revenue will be donated to turtle rescue. Let's save the turtles together!

Realistic 3D Art

Besides a great useful utility, we decided to focus on making the art bright and shining. Our top-level designer will work on every single one of 999 pieces, making each item unique. Out of 999 turtles, there will be 33 ultra-rare genesis turtles.

Community Voting System

Successful NFT projects are not created overnight and our team aims for the long term development of Slow Turtles collection. After mint, we are going to open a voting system on our website that will allow community members to submit their proposals regarding the future of the project and vote for the best ones. Participation will be exclusive for holders (1 turtle = 1 vote). Being a counselor will allow you to submit your suggestion on vote once in two weeks. To become a counselor, you will need to be either a holder of 3 regular turtles or one genesis turtle. Regular holders will be able to vote for the best suggestion to be implemented.

$turtle Token + Merchandise Shop

We decided to introduce $turtle token to unlock unlimited potential for ideas submitted via the Community Voting System. The goal is to make it an internal currency within the project. How to get $turtle token? - Regular turtles generate 3 $turtle tokens per day - Genesis turtles generate 10 $turtle coins per day - Staking multiplies turtle coin reward 3x What is the utility for $turtle token? - Buy items in online turtle shop that will open shortly after 3rd mint batch - Purchase official merchandise & add-ons for your Sandbox turtle model in the future - Unlimited potential to be used for ideas submitted via Community Voting System

Huge Rewards to Holders

As community is very important for our team, every holder of SlowTurtles will have a chance to win huge monetary rewards. Giveaways will take place after mint and allow holders to win the following prizes: - MINT 1 holders: $3000 weekly - MINT 1 & 2 holders: $1500 weekly - MINT 1 & 2 & 3 holders: $1000 weekly The needed amount from mint revenue will be locked in the smart contract for giveaways. We want each and every long-term holder to profit from the project, that is why chances to win in giveaways will depend on how long you HODL! Holders of genesis turtles will have a 10x chance of winning! Everything will be calculated on-chain!

Sandbox Integration

The NFT space grows rapidly, and our team strongly believes that every collection must have a utility. After mint, we are going to focus on developing voxel models for turtles to further integrate it into The Sandbox. Holders will be able to represent our community within the game, bringing more hype to the project, thereby raising the floor price of the collection. Additionally, we are going to purchase land in The Sandbox Game and build the Slow Turtles headquarters there. Our team believes that such a decision will bring even more exposure to our project and raise its floor price, rewarding initial holders of the collection.

Apr 28 2022, 9:00 pm UTC
Public sale
Apr 29 2022, 9:00 pm UTC
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