Strange Connections


SC is a WEB3 experience, an NFT project designed from the bottom to be a way for people to connect & mutually support each each other without all the noise

Strange connections may just change the way you view a community. We want to create a support network for the ones that can’t find a place they belong to amongst WEB3. We are all about doing it differently. We want to see the real 2 sides of your story…

2 sides 1 story. Everyday when we make connections, we choose a side of us to show to other people. We strive to be part of the community and belong. Bonded by the common goal and the experiences shared alike. May it be mental health problems we are dealing with or the lack of a place to belong amongst web3 or even life itself We are all looking for the one place to come together and live the change…

Our art signifies the darker side of yourself, 2nd identity figures show up behind the character showcasing their darker conscience. Traits like eye-drip reflecting the emotions leaking out of us and overtaking.

It is without saying that the current NFT landscape has vastly changed as we know it , and we need something more, something better to help communities truly connect.

Our mission focuses on the on-going support of the MH in the space and creating an environment that promotes genuine connections.We want to change the way people interact online, but first we have to set the foundations. A standard community “discord experience” wasn’t going to cut it for our use case. A lot of the battles around MH aren't a single fix and require continuous support which is a perfect fit for a like minded community in the nft space. We also want to provide an everyday use for holding as opposed to waiting for something to drop..

Daily MH challenges: involving the community going through issues in their everyday life, strategies including: Journaling, inter-personal reflection, mindfulness & using evidence based approaches

Daily Community wide accountability: supported by the MH check ins within the discord & Twitter. Promoting the community getting out of their comfort zone and posting alongside their fellow group members in an easily accesible place under #SCNFT. Allowing the commmunity to see others going through their journey and mutually support each other

Anonymous Confessions: We provide a safe space to submit confessions while staying anonymous within our discord. For the things you want to get off your chest but want to stay private, we understand the importance of trust & confining in others at SC

On-going Project Collaborations: Collaborting with up and coming projects within the NFT space, providing our community with WL spots & holder only benefits

Weekly MH Workshops: After 100% sold we will be organising weekly MH Talks with trained professionals supported by community leads that will emerge to tell their own story overtime and lead the movement for the newcomers with their own experience and journey.

Jul 31 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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Aug 1 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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