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Strong Lou wants to tell the world his story that hopefully will generate some change for future generations. He is a born and raised 16-year-old Ethiopian young adult with a clear purpose: he must live a happy life. In each of his appearances, he presents some of the issues our planet is facing right now. His goal is to remind people that all we have in common is this ball floating through space, which we call it home, and it is our duty to take care of it.

Prepare the ground!

Lou`s journey is about to start:

1 weekly giveaway for an amazing RANDOM level NFT;

1 monthly giveaway for an awesome GOLD level NFT;

1 monthly giveaway for two awe-inspiring BRONZE level NFT;

10 spots on whitelist giveaway per week;      

Stay tuned. Our pre-sales are about to start soon.

Plant the seed! - After Pre-Sale.

Once Lou is able to see that there is a community willing to help him make a better world for all of us, he is ready for his adventure to start:

1 week Trip for a lucky Strong Lou NFT holder in Ethiopia, South Africa or Tanzania. (plane ticket, meals and accommodation included);

5 memberships on Skillshare of one year each. To learn or develop a skill you want, because we like to evolve together;

3 brand new bicycles. Strong Lou believes in a greener future and this could be a good start;

3 brand new electric scooters;

  We will also have NFTs giveaway and many more.     

Water the plants! - 25%

Now, Strong Lou has a team eager to move forward with him on this journey.

6 city breaks on the same continent where the winner lives. (plane ticket, meals and accommodation included);

5 memberships on Skillshare of one year each. To learn or develop a skill you want, because we like to evolve together;

5 online Yoga classes because the balance is everything;

5 memberships on Headspace app;

5 brand new bicycles. We know cycling is a great way to help the planet and our own body;      

  Grow the seed! - 50%

We are on the halfway on this first adventure! 

2 brand new Super Soco TC. We know that in everyday life we have to move fast around the city. How can it be greener and easier than with a Super Soco TC?

5 brand new electric scooters because our lives need a easier way to move around.

5 brand new bicycle because why not?

2 tickets for skydiving. What is life without adventure? Right?                             


The plants have grown - 75%

Strong Lou is very happy that together we can contribute at solving our real world`s problems with the help of Web03 and in the same time to have such a strong community.

1 Fiat 500 full electric. We want to reward the community that supports us by providing an electric car to a lucky NFT holder.

1 week Trip is returning, but this time in Asia. A Strong Lou NFT holder will have the chance to experience an adventure in India, Thailand or Cambodia (plane ticket, meals and accommodation included).  

5 memberships on Skillshare of one year each. To learn or develop a skill you want, because we like to evolve together.             

Make the world your garden - 100%

The adventure continues. StrongLou is ready to be STRONGER. And so we are!

Together, we develop a Lou Sanctuary in the Metaverse in which Lou`s friends can meet and discuss new opportunities and ideas for a better, kinder world;

Rare, Super Rare and Gold NFT holders are moved to the whitelist for more insights into our world and they will have various benefits.

More giveaways. Much more giveaways. Weekly, hopefully. And special giveaways for Whitelisters;

Free access into the Metaverse and special services for Lou`s sanctuary;

We will try to make a difference in real life and rehabilitate a school and build fountains in Ethiopia.                                 

Every Strong Lou NFT holder will have free access on our events.

We will also bring benefits for NFT holders along the way.

May 20 2022, 2:00 pm UTC
Public sale
May 27 2022, 2:00 pm UTC
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