The Alphines


ALPHINES - The Gamechanger

1. Diamond Hands

The whitelist mint limit is unlimited and therefore there will be mainly true holders who can eventually determine the floor price. So the whitelist determines how many NFTs are left for the public sale. So it is a collection for the community, controlled by the community. You have the power!

2. Instant utility

We have direct utility for the Alphines! The Alphines will be immediately stakeable and get double rewards. There will be many NFTs in the lottery, an exclusive airdrop for the Alphines and very soon an auction. The Fusion system, a deflationary mechanism, has been completed and is already being tested. The game demo is already half finished!

3. Perfect timing

We have been watching the NFT market closely to choose the right timing for the Alphine Mint. In recent weeks, however, several collections in the week doubled or even tripled their floor price immediately after the Mint. With the Alphines, we are taking advantage of the momentum of the times and want to give you the opportunity to see the floor price rise.

4. Game character in an Unreal Engine 5 game!

The Alphines are the second Game characters for the Alpha Game. There will be no others. The Alphines are more limited, more agile, and faster. Make sure you are ready to fight with your Alphines!

5. Deflationary collection!

The release for the Fusion system is just around the corner. The Fusion system demo has been completed and is now undergoing extensive testing for the release. It won't be long now and then this colllection will be deflationary!

6. Game demo

The Unreal Engine 5 game demo is halfway finished and ready to be released on schedule!

We have the power to make the Alphines a great success. The Alphines is a collection for this community and should bring a breath of fresh air and enrich you all.

Alphas stronger together! Let's do this!


I. Release Staking(Done)

Staking is the only way to earn $ALPHA and dive into the exciting Alpha ecosystem! Staking rewards vary depending on the Alpha NFT. With $ALPHA you can buy everything an NFT lover needs.

II. Release Lottery (Done) and Auction

In the Lottery BlueChip Solana NFTs purchasable with the $ALPHA token.

Check it out:

Alphines earn double Staking rewards so can purchase more tickets in the lottery and more NFTs in the Auction.

III. Release Alphines

Alphines are the better half of any Alpha. They are not only a community lover, they will be extremely fast and agile characters in the game and get twice as high staking rewards as the Alphas. So Alphines give you the advantage in the $Alpha ecosystem.

IV. Build the $Alpha ecosystem

The heart of the project. This distinguishes this project from 99% of all other projects and it can now finally be realized. It is a great cycle that complements each other perfectly. With $ALPHA you can mint future Alpha collections, buy existing Bluechip NFTs in the Alpha Lottery, get items and power ups for your Alphas and even buy real life items in the future. The best part is that Alpha Holders get $ALPHA for free when staking. All you need is an Alpha or an Alphine and you can enjoy the journey.

V. Build the Alpha brand

Building the "ALPHA" brand goes hand in hand with our comics. In the near future, ALPHA will launch physical products to expand the horizon.

VI. Release first Comic (Comic is ready for its Realease)

Alpha Comics are high quality comics made by a team of talented artists and best selling authors. Alpha Comics are published in various editions and bring the extensive history of the Alphas closer. The first comic will be released very soon.

Check it out:

VII. Release Fusion

The beauty of deflation. The Fusion system provides a natural deflation of the collection. The complicated system has already been in development for a long time and is being tested for the Release as we speak. This NFT collection will be truly deflationary very soon!

VIII. Release Game Demo

Our pride, vision and ultimate goal for this project. Alpha makes NFT/blockchain gaming mainstream on Solana. We are working on an Unreal Engine 5 Play to Earn Story game, which will soon have a playable game demo for all Alphas and Alphines.

May 7 2022, 5:00 pm UTC
Public sale
May 7 2022, 6:00 pm UTC
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