The Mad Owls Club


The Mad Owl Club is a collection of 10,000 unique Owl NFTs - living on the Ethereum blockchain.Your Mad Owl NFT is also your exclusive ticket for holder only benefits,our diverse and growing community,as future prizes and developments.


The Mad Owls club Our plans are like the mighty jungle-run deep and far as roots while we work on perfecting our creation. As our first goal involves a successful drop in order to satisfy our community’s hunger and provide firm opportunities for future investments. The Owl mania club project is built as 2D version and a realistic 3D version effort with many individual aspects included such as art, design, tech, administrative, and quality control elements. We aspire to guarantee our community of owl holders the finest results possible, and give them a reason to hoot. When we’ll be able to proudly stand behind our promise for the owl mania club community we will announce the release date for the first drop of our project, so they can enjoy all the benefits and parental love that we have put in each and every Owl Alpha . For each owl sold,we will give freedom to a bird in real life since our main objective is to create a nature pole dedicated TO THE PROTECTION AND SAFEGUARDING OF BIRDS 1 owl sold = 1 free bird


Global reach

Our marketing plan for the Owls mania club project expands in order to reach the entire world. We got some feral strategies in place that will boost our project's recognition in both the digital space and the real world in order to bring more benefits to our community.


PRIVILEGE FOR FUTURE HOLDERS The essence of the roadmap is to make The Mad Owls club bigger, and everyone who takes part in our journey will enjoy the privilege. Our team is working meanwhile on a clothing project to have a brand for our community owl fanatics hoodies t-shirts caps and other accessories



We are HootsAlpha Current and future contacts mean more exposure for and investment in the project so we can grow our community in number and value. With our focus on realism art when it comes to our favorite wildlife, we also seek out collaboration with wildlife organizations as well as animal shelters and other nature-protecting Associations to boost donations and increase awareness because we might be fierce and strong but our hearts always care for others…

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Apr 3 2022, 12:00 am UTC
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