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You will learn about the setting of the wolrdview of the universe, the formation of the metaverse planets, the group of intrepid pioneers who built STARSLAB and navigation module.

In novemebr 2020, a big bang gave birth to the metaverse. As a result, countless unique planets have been scattered across every corner of the vast universe.

A group of fearless explorers established an organization called "STARSLAB". They piloted a spacecraft to discover these planets.

Whenever a member arrives on an unknown planet, STARSLAB provides a navigation device containing the targeted planet and related location info. This proves tha the member has gaines ownership of this planet. 

In the STARSLAB community, explorers can share and exchage the planets they discover, along with the magnificent scenary from their voyage.

PHASE 1: The Big Bang

NFT drop (9999 Unique planets)

Whitelist presale and public sale

Merchandise drop

Clothing and Tech Accessories

PHASE 2-1:The Galaxy

Holocubes Release and Delivery

Holocube Authentication App Launched

Web and Phone App pairing to authenticate ownership of your NFTS

Building The Starslab DAO

ERC20 Token Generation

Crafting the foundation of The Galaxy Ecosystem

Display to Earn

Trading activated on The StarsLab Marketplace

Project Cooperation

Holocube presents real world utility to many NFT holders making it the premier option for NFT projects to reward their holders.

PHASE 2-2: The Galaxy

Holocube Public Release

Holocubes open its sales to the public and can be bought using purchasable

tokens. Tokens start being rewarded to users who bring in new buyers and members.

External Cooperation and Marketing Holocubes will be distributed to possible business partners (l.e. hotels, cafes,

brands, etc.) to display in their establishments. Initiate possible merchant 1/1 NFTS for known brands that can be displayed in store.

PHASE 2-3: The Galaxy

New display device & PFP Project Announcement

Profile picture project based on the StarlLab Planets, Tokens can be burned to earn presale spot.

Package new and innovative display devices that can be bought using tokens.

PHASE 3: The Stars and The Future 


Planet Metaverse Game Reveal

Based on DAO community voted which impact the content of the roadmap.

Artist Foundation

Collaborations with various artists, musicians and NFT artists to create limited edition NFTs and holocubes.

Oct 2 2022, 5:00 pm UTC
Public sale
Oct 3 2022, 5:00 pm UTC
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