Welcome to The Shmurfs! We believe in community first and we are delighted you found us. The Shmurfs are a collection of 1,000, 3D amazing PFP NFT's that offer real long term value! This value proposition includes merchandise, Tokenomics and series 2 value by way of our $SHMURF Tokens and much more!

Like any successful business and NFT project, you need to know where your going in order to know when you get there! (use Discord link here to read up on each channel

As a team, our goal has always been to find ways for members to reap the benefits from our NFT! These benefits are different for everyone but may be in the way of showcasing the spectacular 3D Shmurfs in your profile picture or it may be the utility that comes from our "Mutant Shmurfs" in series 2! Either way, we are so happy you are here and can't wait to take this journey with you! Below you will find our organic "roadmap" that will surely adjust and get updated as we communicate later on with our holders after mint. Though not everything will be showcased below, always remember that our primary purpose and objective is to make sure that our community and holders are always benefited!

1-"THE SHMURFS OPEN TO THE WORLD" In the NFT space, it's always important to grow an organic following from day 1. Blowing up with thousands of followers is not something that is needed and typically this happens when projects buy followers. We never want this to happen as we want to truly communicate and have deep and meaningful relationship with all of our members. As we continue to grow pre launch, we have numerous marketing initiatives that will have Youtuber's mentioning us along with other project collabs day to day. This will inevitably lead to the mint for "The Shmurfs series 1".

2-"MUTANT SHMURFS BEGIN" After the mint for "The Shmurfs Series 1", the Shmurf lore goes into how the world of "Oceanas" is taken over by a terrible virus! Please read 💙│shmurf-lore to get familiar! Each holder will have a choice; do you take the potion so your Shmurf can survive the virus.....If you do, your Shmurf may never be or look the same again! (This will be the start and beginning for the "Mutant Shmurfs". Check

🖼│sneak-peeks for images of the Mutant Shmurf).

3- "MERCH, TOKENOMICS AND LAND ACQUISITION" This is where our project is a democracy! We can push our project in one direction but ultimately we want our community to be the ones that make this vote. Tokenomics and merchandise is a passion of ours but this will be when we propose specific business ideas to our holders and then have a vote! This will be extremely exciting and we can't wait for this opportunity!

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