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Imagine that you have the opportunity to go back in time by opening a time capsule. The relics of the 20th century are revealed from everyday life. How did people live between 1901 and 1999? What did they think was #beautiful ? If you are young, you may not have much knowledge of them. You've only come across #oldobjects in #museum. I had the privilege of opening such a #timecapsule (I bought old items from an apartment that had not been habited for a long time, in Madrid) from the last century (#20thcentury), and I would like to share with you what I found in it!

The first item i want to show you is an #ornament depicting a #dress #iron from the last century. Than the second item is a 18K #gold plated #madeinitaly #telephone , with leather finish. Upcoming other items.

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Jun 6 2022, 9:00 am UTC
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