TRACER is the most sustainable Web3 wellness app with social-Fi and game-Fi elements.

Wear your unique 3D composable NFT shoes, and run to make handsome earnings!

RACER's 3D shoes NFT connects the Metaverse and the Real World. One shoe NFT is composed of 4 NFT pieces along with attachable accessories! Each shoe looks different and has a variety of designs and abilities.

TRACER is a web3 fitness and lifestyle app with inbuilt NFT gaming and Social-Fi elements where you can earn rewards in token or NFTs just by moving such as walking, jogging, and running.

TRACER makes a sustainable Move-to-Earn model, which we now call a Move-And-Earn model by several game/social elements.

Among all the various M2E crypto projects, TRACER's NFT provides the only composable 3D NFT. Composability enables you to express your individuality and creativity on your NFT shoes by selecting your favorite pieces and building them into unique shoes.

Collect all 4 NFT pieces - sole, body, laces, gear NFTs and combine it to make a complete shoe NFT, and run.

You are able to collect TRACER's utility token, $TRC coin. The governance token, $HLT coin is minted through a competitive way. $HLT is used for governance voting to make major decisions as a DAO.

TRACER's TRACER NFT shoes are composed of 4 NFT shoe parts: sole, body, laces, and gear

and each parts represent the following stats:

Laces - Efficiency : Higher efficiency will result in better $TRC rewards.

Sole - Resillience : Higher resillience strengthens the durability of TRACER NFT shoes.

Body - Magic : The higher the magic, the more points you get for the Tier System.

Gear - Luck : Higher luck levels probability for getting lucky boxes.

Aug 16 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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Aug 17 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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