TradeBots is a collection of 6,800 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain that is the only NFT that gives holders access to an advanced crypto Trading Bot. Most NFTs have little to no real life utility.

Or they are promising to build utility sometime in the future.

TradeBots is the only NFT that has theultimate UTILITY (making you money) that is alreadybuilt and ready to be used.

Our team of experienced Devs have been building and perfecting oursoftware since 2018 and it has already proven that it works!

TradeBots is created by an elite team of cryptocurrency traders who became millionaires trading crypto since 2015. In 2018, they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a proprietary AI trading bot - called Exuodia - for themselves. In a nutshell, Exuodia scans the whole crypto market and identifies which coins are going up thousands of times faster than any human can. Then places trades based on the parameters you set. No other method is more reliable to make profitable trades on autopilot while you go about your life doing whatever you want. It even makes us money when the crypto market is plummeting. Others have paid over $5,000 for access to similar softwares. But now we are giving unlimited lifetime access to Exoudia for every holder of a TradeBots NFT at the exclusive mint price of 3 SOL.

Here's what you'll get as a Trade Bots NFT holder. Lifetime access to our proprietary crypto trading bot - giving you the most advanced automated crypto trading you could find, even if you had a 5-figure budget to pay for one. Dozens of hours of video training that details everything you need to know to use and maximize your profitability from the trading bot

You will become part of a passionate global community of crypto traders of all experience levels - from beginner to expert. You will be able to connect, discuss results, and trade tips to discover the best settings for this trading bot. And you will make friends with passionate people living the ’crypto trader lifestyle’ from around the world.

All of our promises have already been fulfilled and delivered. Everything is built – this is why we do not have a roadmap. You do not have to “trust” us to follow through on anything in the future because we have already followed through :). That’s why you can already feel 100% certain of the value you’ll get being a TradeBots NFT holder.

Similar trading bots – along with access to experienced traders who can show you the ropes – go for over $5,000 (or an ongoing charge of $400 per month). And even then, most trading bots don’t have such a long track record of making profitable trades as ours does. TradeBots NFT holders will gain access to all this at mint for only 3 SOL, giving a lifelong unparalleled value to this NFT.

The developers of this project are from Ukraine. A portion of all proceeds at mint will be donated to the Ukrainian Territorial Defense effort - which supports the regular Ukrainian people defending their land who do not receive funding from other countries like the Ukrainian military does. Your TradeBots NFT investment will provide them with food, water, and essential military infrastructure so they can protect and defend the people and land they love during these tragic times.

5 - 10 TradeBots NFTs will come with special edition Ukrainian attributes to commemorate our brave team of Ukrainian developers.

Each TradeBots NFT you own will give you an entry to win prizes worth up to $50,000 in value

Check out the demo video below to see how the Trading Bot you will gain access to makes profitable trades in real time:

May 16th: Whitelist Mint

May 16th: Mint Day

May 16th: Access to global community

May 20th : Prize winners announced

May 21st: Access to TradeBot so you can start trading on autopilot!

May 16 2022, 2:00 pm EST
Public sale
May 16 2022, 4:00 pm EST
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