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Waddler After Hours (WAH) is an NFT that lives on the Solana blockchain. The collection contains 1,111 penguins with unique personalities, which are only the first of many pieces in their metaverse. WAH will be a multi-purpose space in the metaverse with a mission to be the premier spot for people to have fun and build cool stuff. Soon, we'll be launching a new concept called play-AND-earn and establish the Waddler ecosystem with $WAH Tokens, Staking, Metaverse Native Brands (MND) Marketplace, and the Waddler DAO.

Phase 1: Metaverse Ground Work

Brand Launch and Project Initiation

  • Phase one lays the foundation for the Waddler After Hours (WAH) Metaverse “The Waddlerverse or the Waddler Metaverse”. Regular launch activities such as the release of Generation 0 Waddlers, setting the branding and culture, and community kick-off. Initial marketing activities will focus on nurturing an authentic community within the Waddler space.

Phase 2: Metaverse Ecosystem

Ecosystem Onboarding

The Waddlerverse Economy


  • Creating the $WAH token that Waddler can use to buy stuff and customize their space/s within the Waddler After Hours (WAH) ecosystem. This will be used as the metaverse’s primary currency to facilitate and fuel its economy and marketplace. Gibki, or select partners, will regularly release new batches of Furniture and Item Collections to add variety into the space design and create Metaverse-Native Brands. The decisions made during the early phases of the Waddler After Hours Metaverse will be decided by a panel from Gibki Labs Corporation. As the WAH community grows, we will establish The WaddlerDAO.

Phase 3: Metaverse Ready

Space Development and Deployment

  • Create a new model that will push for mainstream adoption. This model would be what we now call a PLAY-AND-EARN model. Through metaverse-native brands, PvP minigames, contests, and more, we motivate players and creators to add value and make use of a player-run economy. When the space if ready for a full launch, Waddler will get the chance to customize their own 'Gloos however they want.

Apr 14 2022, 10:00 am UTC
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Apr 14 2022, 2:00 pm UTC
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