🐳The Whale perfectly summarizes the entrepreneurial spirit of the Crypto industry. Pioneers, roaming the vast open future like the Whale roams the deep blue; fearless and ready to seize the initiative for growth in those unmarked seas of limitless opportunity. But it is not the Whale’s size that defines him, but rather the habitat in which he exists.

❌But unfortunately, things have changed. Plastic, fishing nets and the wastes of a disconnected world are staining the Whales blue habitat.

✅That’s why WE decided to invest our capital in Whaledrop.io and donate for the cleaning of the seas. With each purchased NFT, we will extract 220lbs/100kg of plastic waste out of the ocean.

♻️The plastic collected from the sea will be turned into a granulate and then used to fashion ornaments and pieces of art, randomly distributed among the Token-holders.

🌊But a short-term donation is not our final goal. By means of trade volume and growth, we seek to create a long-term movement that truly lives up to the challenge of cleaning the seas.

Q2/2022: Minting of the Whales. The first revenues will be immediately used for harvesting plastic from the seas. We are expanding the team and actively looking for new members.

Q3/2022: Establishment of a foundation structure to sustainably advance and support existing and emerging projects. Expand partners to find disruptive cleaning opportunities and methods.

Q4/2022: Presentation of the created Art pieces and shipment to the selected Token owners. Reminder: The drop is always random, done in regular intervals and includes all Tokens, even those which have been selected already.

2023 onwards: To infinity and beyond! In the years to come, we’ll continue engaging with our current projects and investing into new ones. Our goal is that the continuous trade of our whales will allow us to continue collecting ocean plastic forever

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Apr 15 2022, 6:00 pm UTC
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