Wicked Pirate Bone Crew


The Wicked Pirate Bone Crew is a collection of 9,999 mischievous pirates cruising the oceans of the Ethereum blockhain. We are a community-driven brand for voyagers and explorers ✨. Built with utility & community at the foundation, it is our mission to facilitate exploration into uncharted territory within both the web3 and physical worlds.



Setting Sail 

Good vibes will fuel us with the right energy needed to set sail for our everlasting voyage into the metaverse. As the 9,999 Wicked Pirates find their home on the Ethereum blockhain, some Wicked Pirates will appear as bonus airdrops to lucky random holders. ETH rewards and exclusive Wicked Pirate Bone Crew merchandise will be distributed throughout the community.  


The Treasure Cove, an epic & exclusive hangout for Wicked Pirate holders will be established, while the 5 Legendary Pirate Captains will slowly rise from their century-old slumber....  


As we continue our journey, we will discover many hidden wonders lying in the deep.  


Crew-Driven Change 

Wicked Pirates love nothing more than the very seas that sustain them. Thus, it is important for us to begin our breath-taking adventure with a gift that will help preserve the ocean’s treasured wildlife and natural beauty. We’d like to ensure the protection and preservation of ocean ecosystems so that they remain thriving, healthy and free. Therefore, we’ve pledged 5 figures towards marine conservation efforts following our mint.  


Wicked Apparel

The crew have been working on a masterful collection of exclusive pieces to bring into the physical world. Pirate legends tell the tale of an undiscovered shop located deep within the caves of the Wicked Island containing this physical merch. The location is only known by Wicked Pirates and their holders.  

Sacred Scrolls 

Wicked Pirate NFT holders able to engage in the idea-creation process for various decentralized comics, which will be made into 1/1 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain and provide added utilities within the W.P.B.C. ecosystem. The creation of a full Wicked Pirate Bone Crew comic book with a unique storyline will also be discussed and open to community vote. The crew will be able to engage in the proposal of ideas, storylines, scripts, and more, with corresponding benefits to contributors!  


Enter the Metaverse  

As a continuously burgeoning crew, it is our duty to facilitate exploration into uncharted territory. As humanity transcends into the metaverse, we must create an oasis that serves as the headquarters for the Wicked Pirate Bone Crew. Decentraland, Sandbox, Otherside, and Somnium Space are all platforms that we are considering for the location of our crew’s HQ. This will allow for the creation of new meta-social connections and unlock a sea of possibilities. Keen for immersive pirate-themed raves and virtual events? Wicked Pirate avatars for the metaverse? These decisions will build utility, increase exposure and facilitate the expansion of our crew.  

DAO-Managed Treasury

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization with a front-end voting mechanism will be implemented to help create value, bolster engagement and increase the benefits of being a Wicked Pirate NFT holder. The ultimate goal of our DAO will be to provide funding to our community through avenues such as community artist grant programs, acting as a web3 incubator for Wicked Pirate NFT holders so that our crew can transform ideas into action. Other proposals such as the fractionalization of blue-chip NFT purchases will also be discussed with the community.  



As a crew, we are always looking to conquer and expand. The creation of a utility token and staking mechanism will serve to build upon the Wicked Pirate Bone Crew ecosystem, strengthening utility and increasing benefits for Wicked Pirate NFT holders. 

Jun 9 2022, 5:30 am UTC
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Jun 11 2022, 5:30 am UTC
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