Wild Gorillaz


In an isolated tropical jungle, a community of 1,555 Wild Gorillaz is born. They manage to create their own economy, using the $FURY token, which will be used mainly to trade items. The poorest realize that their only chance of survival is to use their items and fight in the Jungle Fight Club to earn tokens, and the rich notice that this is a great opportunity to increase their income through betting games.

Q2 2022


Collaborations with leading communities and influencers in the space to build brand awareness, create partnerships, and grow organically.

Launch the Wild Gorillaz Official Website, Discord server and Twitter account.

  • MINT

1,555 Gorillaz will rise into the metaverse on the Solana blockchain.

Minting: You will be able to mint a Wild Gorilla in the Wildlist presale.

Public Sale: The remaining gorillaz will be available for Public sale. Unlimited transactions per wallet.

The mint funds will be distributed as follows:

55% will be used for project building and marketing.

15% goes to DAO wallet.

15% will be used for token liquidity.

10% heads to the core team.

5% will be paid to the launchpad.


Wild Gorillaz will be live on Secondary Marketplaces shortly after mint with Secondary Sales Royalties of 8% on each transaction which will be distributed to:

  • Project Development (4%)
  • DAO Wallet (3%)
  • Core Team (1%)

Establish the JungleDAO for all verified holders, as well as their private lounge where they will have the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of the project. The DAO Wallet will be established. 15% of Mint Royalties, as well as 3% of Secondary Sales Royalties on each transaction will be allocated to the DAO Wallet which will be controlled by the Wild Gorillaz holders.

$FURY will be launched on DexLab and it will can be traded. Also, the staking will be released.

Q3 2022


The Wild Gorillaz holders will periodically receive new items, each with defensive or offensive abilities. The Changeroom is a DApp which makes it easy to change your Gorilla using the items you own. Also, the items that the Gorilla already has can be “decoupled” and transferred to your wallet. Your Gorilla can change its appearance but also its fighting ability.


The Wild Gorillaz Marketplace is a DApp through which you can sell or buy items for your Gorilla, using the $FURY token.

Q4 2022


This is the game that will bring the Gorillaz to life, being able to fight in the jungle arena. Any two gorillaz of different holders are able to fight in the arena with a stake. Of course, other people will be able to bet on the match and all payments will be made in $FURY. During a fight, the gorillaz items can be damaged or even burned.

Apr 28 2022, 3:00 pm UTC
Public sale
Apr 28 2022, 4:30 pm UTC
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Circulating supply
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