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The Kodaz NFT project was built around a very specific ideology - the creation of a more positive atmosphere. They plan to provide that by releasing a collection of 10,000 3D NFTs, and reclaiming the value of pfp projects.

Centered around the story of the Kodaz, a previously sealed-off community of spirits that have the power to bless humanity, the project boasts a well-crafted art style that has never been seen before. By owning one of these signature pieces, holders are able to join a network of individuals that share their vision for the world, and the blockchain more generally.

Kodaz is all about pride, and being able to shamelessly display something without the worry of value or meaning. Great artwork should be respected unquestionably, and that’s what the project is all about.

Kodaz is all about bringing value back to the very basics, and providing the very next high-value pfp project. No more overpromising, no more under delivering. Just straightforward value.

The Kodaz brings the value of the basics and empower the community with project utility into the Metaverse, launching our own Game, providing Giveaway prizes in cash and NFTs. We are collaborating with great and successful projects to push us even more forward. A merchandise will be given out to all holders of the NFTs for a special price. 

NFT projects often talk about “vibes”, but very few hone in on the value of positive energy. With a lot of negativity in the blockchain environment, we believe that it is our job as a community to protect that. We’ve let this shine through from our very core - from the story to our socials, we’re all about positivity.We’ve been seeing too many NFT projects selling unrealistic dreams through their utilities, and we don’t want to be pushing anything like that. For us, it’s important that people get digital representation that they’re happy with, and that we can deliver a pfp project that holders can be proud of.This used to lie at the core of the NFT space, but has somehow made way for a few other things. We’re trying to claw that back, and bring pfp projects back to the very top. With the quality of our artwork, that is definitely possible.

Aug 5 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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Aug 6 2022, 10:00 pm UTC
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