Bored Machine Ape Club


Although varieties of apes came since October 2021, most were mere chimpanzees without any real form or function in the Metaverse.


BUT, The Bored MachineApe are DIFFERENT!


After the research and development of The Bored MachineApe Club (BMAC), we have improved the Apes by mechanization. There are 6000+ apes evolved by BMAC including their wisdom and body.


If the stakes are their life and making their mark on the history - BMAC and The Bored MachineApe are ready.


The results of an evolution millions of years in the making. Bored MachineApe fused the improvement of wisdom, physically and gear.


Not only the Bored MachineApe will fight against the extraterrestrial life, but they will also gather the coins spread across the world for BMAC and their master in order to repay their kindness of upbringing.


Their appearance is obviously beneficial to assist human to recapture the domination of our earth and re-build our urban. The last but not least, kick extraterrestrial life's ass.


As the Bored MachineApe story unfolds, other habitants of the Metaverse could not help to join BMAC for against the unfair and extraterrestrial life. And rebuild our future...

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