6868 Sad Boys living on the ETH blockchain.

- Doxxed team

- 10% of the mint will also be donated to charities providing services for mental health

- Access to IRL and online events

- Exclusive physical holder merch IRL and in the future metaverse integration

- Automatic WL for the future 3D collection

- Community driven roadmap will update bi-annually

- 25 ETH deposited to a community wallet after selling out for future giveaways 

- Multiple mint incentives


There will be 3 tiers of prizes after the project sells out.

Tier 1: $20,000 to 5 randomly selected holders

Tier 2: $5,000 to 5 randomly selected holders 

Tier 3: $1,000 to 10 randomly selected holders


1.0 Stage 1: Minting

Pre-sale: 08 May 2022 3PM UTC

Public sale: 10 May 2022 4PM UTC

Stage 2: Community wallet, donations and giveaways Once the collection is sold out and the reveal is completed, we will be depositing approximately 25 ETH into a community treasury to be used for giveaways, community events IRL, and for funding projects we believe in within our community. 10% of proceeds from the mint will be donated to charities across the globe which will be voted on by the community.

Stage 3: Holder merchandise Development of holder-exclusive merchandise. We want to build an awesome brand for our community to be able to show-off and support Sad Boys Club. Why wait for the metaverse to rock a Sad Boys Club hoodie, when you can IRL?

Stage 4: 3D collection As mentioned, following the success of the 2D collection, we want to develop a metaverse-ready 3D collection. We will be hiring 3D artists to maintain the highest of quality. Proceeds from the 2D collection will be used for marketing and collaborating with other projects and artists. We also aim to integrate the clothing from stage 3 also to allow holders to fully customize the wardrobe of their Sad Boy avatar. BONUS: all holders of the 2D collection will automatically be whitelisted for the 3D collection.

Stage 5: Development of ROADMAP 2.0 We believe a strong community is crucial for the success of the collection, so through collaborating with our members, there is a multitude of avenues our team can take to grow the Sad Boys Club community and add value.

P2E Game? Tokens? Staking? Comics?

We don't want to be like other projects which make false promises early on or just want to make a quick buck, so its all up in discussion at this stage.

We are in this to add long-term value for our community.

The roadmap will be updated bi-annually.

Public sale
May 10 2022, 6:00 am UTC
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